fear team

Fear is a project created by Netcreeper Media Limited which has been involved in the game publishing and development industry for 20 years.

Prior to developing games, the core members of the team behind Fear (Jonathan and Patrick Carey) were involved in the casual games publishing and advertising market, holding vast experience in both while working with some of the biggest players in the industry.

fear team

Whack It Games

Whack It, the casual adult games series with a substantial social media presence was formed in 2015 and has produced 5 casual point and click idle games over 6 years. The series has achieved to date over 150m plays and 270m Youtube views. While the portal www.whackit.co has also received over 100 million of visitors over 8 years being established prior to the game series itself. You can view a full history of the Whack It games to date here.

whack it games

The Team behind Whack It are still as passionate today about producing highly original and animated games for adults to enjoy and through Fear aim to take the series further into the fantasy realm where all sorts of nightmarish creatures and blood splatter action awaits!

A Project & Team Reaching Beyond Whack It!

While the games we develop and launch will be based around our original Whack It games and their amazing player base, Fear as a brand will evolve beyond the scope of just that series. We aim to target and bring into our gaming and NFT ecosystem other high quality horror game developerswhile also targetting movie and other entertainment brands.

Fear is a project birthed with a much larger focus than even our existing brand of games. We aim to become the number one horror entertainment brand on the blockchain.

Meet the Fear Team

Jonathan Carey

jonathan project lead

Co-Founder & Project Lead:

Jonathan ran his own Digital creative agency in the UK for 10 years before starting the "Whack It" series of games in 2015.

He has 20 years experience in visual design, 2D animation and story boarding. He has 5 years' experience developing Unity games.

Patrick Carey

patrick co founder

Co-Founder & Software Dev:

Patrick has 20+ years software development experience in industries spanning games, finance, online media and of course Crypto

:-D Passionate about violent, bloody online horror games and especially those that shock people.

Andrew Mitchell

andrew mitchell

Senior Software Developer:

Andrew has 20+ years' software development experience spanning desktop, web and mobile.

Andrew has worked across a number of industries during the course of his career including government, healthcare, insurance and market intelligence. Based in London for 15 years.

Aditya Singh

Aditya Singh


Aditya has 10 years of experience as a PM for digital and energy companies in both the US and Middle East.

Sebastian Bouche

Sebastian Bouche

Creative Game & Whack It Lead:

Sebastian has 10 years' experience in the creative industry. He has animated for several indie dev studios using Adobe Animate (previously Flash) and Spine 2D. He has also co-written a TV series in Sweden.

Ash Harris

Ash Harris


Ash has 20 years of experience working in various industries including Travel and Aviation for major bluechip companies, in both a logistical and marketing director capacity.

Netina Beukes

Netina Beukes

Illustrator & Animator:

Netina has 9 years experience as an independent illustrator and 2D animator. She has worked on many different indie game projects as a digital illustrator, character designer and animator.

Lavinia Elena

Lavinia Elena

Advertising & Social Media Lead

Lavinia has been running advertising and social media campaigns for several large brands for the past 8 years.