Fear Dungeons

FEATURING: epik prime

A Secret Unholy World Where Adventure & NFT Treasures Await

Fear Dungeons will be an adventure horror game accessible through the Fear Museum. Amongst all its exciting features, Fear gamers can become a Dungeon Keeper or Overseer by owning NFT land, building on the land and mastering a trade/craft to harvest our in-game token Blood.

NFT Land is Coming in Q2 2022

Starting with 6 Dungeon Masters, various partners and Fear gamers will be able to own land in the Dungeons whereby they can construct and store NFTs for all visitors to marvel at and even plunder! There will be:

6 Dungeon Masters

Owning 6 Special Rooms on the main entrance floor of the Dungeons.

Become our First Dungeon Master

660 Dungeon Keepers

Owning 660 plots of dungeon land as you delve further into the Dungeons to the lower reaches of the "Dungeons of Despair".

6000 Dungeon Overseers

Owning 6000 plots of dungeon land as you slip further down into a yet to be revealed "World of Fire!"

  • Action Adventure Horror Game with Original Narrative
  • Professional Voice Acting and Characters
  • Devious Puzzles to Solve
  • A Vast Maze and Complex of Dungeons and Floors to Explore
  • NFT Treasures to Explore, Win, Discover and Buy
  • Own and Manage Your Own Dungeon Land
  • Build on the Land/Specialise in a Craft/Trade to Earn Blood

Deep beneath the ancient grounds of the Fear Museum lies a secret, unholy world where few mortals have dared venture in and even fewer have been seen again.

A dark and dangerous place where treasures of unimaginable power are guarded by ferocious and cunning creatures so evil, so hateful that hell itself could not hold them.

If you dare to delve deep beneath the Museum and navigate this underworld you could see yourself pleasantly rewarded with precious gems and magical artifacts sort by the most legendary of kings, queens, and heroes. That is of courseā€¦if you can make it out alive to tell the tale of...

The Fear Dungeons

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