Fear's ecosystem of games that will integrate the Fear coin and NFTs will feature the most distinct, original adult horror games and brands with fanatical gaming user bases.

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Whack It Mad VR Studio Ecosystem Partner

Huge Horror Games Coming to Fear

Whack It

Whack It is the founding gaming brand behind Fear and has mass exposure on Youtube and their own gaming portal for their casual series of point and click games. Play numbers of their series total over 200 milllion while Youtube views are over 300 million. They are producing casual horror games for the PC blockchain and mobile market under the Fear project which will have Fear coin integration, "Play to Earn" survival modes and NFTs used in highly original and exciting ways.

whack your undead neighbour

Whack Your Undead Neighbour is in constant blockchain development and the first version of the game has now been released. There are many key stages of development happening rapidly.

It's a classic Whack It point and click game which features some major upgrades compared to the previous series. This includes an inventory system for incorporating NFT objects and characters, plus a crafting system for "Play to Earn". The game has already received over 10 million plays.

discover more Mad VR Studio

Mad VR Studio are the developers of the multi million player base 3D VR Horror Adventure game "Araya", click here to see game play. They will be delivering Araya plus further exclusive games to the Fear ecosystem that will including Fear coin integration, Play to Earn and NFTs.


Araya with 50 Million Youtube views and millions of horror gamers.

Fear are excited to welcome the Thai game developers to the ecosystem, given that "Whack It" are already very well known in Thailand with their 5 existing games Mad VR Studio will give even more exposure both in Thailand and globally to the horror games market. Players will soon be able to "Play to Earn" with both 2D and 3D horror games which offer very unique gaming experiences in the blockchain space.