• Who and What is FEAR?

    FEAR is a Horror Gaming Company owned by Netcreeper Media Ltd. Netcreeper Media is owned by brothers Patrick and Jonathan Carey who have been involved in the game development and publishing industry for over two decades.

    The most notable games developed and published by Netcreeper Media Ltd. are the famous Whack IT games - a series of Dark humored Horror Games that went viral in 2015 accruing over 300 million combined views, downloads and interactions.

  • How is FEAR different to other Blockchain Gaming Projects?

    In many ways! First of all we specialize in Horror gaming with our games sometimes laced with Dark Humorous elements. We also come from a background of successful game development having created compelling games where the value component is the actual gameplay itself.

    We believe the quality of our games and our viral marketing strategies are what will bring in sustainable gamer numbers. We do not look to bring in gamers solely through typical blockchain gaming mechanisms such as Play to Earn - these are applied only where they enhance gameplay and bring about a sustainable platform.

  • What is the FEAR Token?

    The FEAR Token is a blockchain gaming Token that allows the Blood Token to be purchased at a heavy discount. Fees on the platform when purchasing Blood in either FEAR or USDT go to the fees wallet. The FEAR token is a direct beneficiary of the fees wallet from token Burns and Buybacks. For a full understanding of how FEAR will be used by our Platform please visit our FEAR Token page.

  • What is the Blood Token?

    Blood is the illiquid token used in the FEAR Token economy and platform for purchasing Games, Films and Animations. It can be purchased using FEAR or USDT. For a full understanding of how Blood will be used on our platform please visit our FEAR Token page.

  • What is the Adrenaline Token?

    Adrenlaine is the rewarder token in our platform that can be earnt by interacting with our Games, Films and Animations in a meaningful way. For a full understanding of how Adrealine will be used on our platform please visit our FEAR Token page.

  • What is different about the FEAR Token vs other Gaming Tokens?

    The FEAR Token is predominantly a spending token on our platform vs earning token. Its value is derived from the quality of games we produce. Much of the FEAR platform is being orchestrated to bring about a deflationary effect on the token's supply.

  • What is the Horror Hub?

    A place where Horror fans and Gamers can gather to experience the most viral, horrific and hilarious FEAR games, films and animations. Later editions will allow the sharing and reviewing of FEAR content and beyond in the outer Horror World!

    The Horror Hub launching in Q1 2023 is first coming to the mobile web followed by Windows and MAC desktops and will later launch on the Playstore and Apple store.

    FEAR develops and owns all the property and rights of the Horror Hub and promises never to censor or water down the content on our platform. We own the platform and therefore our content is not owned BY the platform!

  • Why do some Games launch exclusively on the Horror Hub and not in the Playstore and Apple Store?

    The Whack It games available at the launch of the Horror Hub are not available in the Playstore or Apple store because they were previously banned or censored by Tech companies because of their crazy or violent content.

    We have since then begun to bring out updated games that are less shocking and these will become available in the Playstore. However the originals are the best in our opinion can be accessed through the Horror Hub!

    In some of our other games we look to monetise in game content using our FEAR Token and NFTs and Big Tech payment policies forbid using a token to monetise content unless you pay a hefy commission - ask Epic Games!

  • Blockchain Tokens and NFTs you say... Aren't they all scams or risky things to purchase?

    When you buy our games in the Horror Hub you don't have to hold our FEAR Token. You simply top up your FEAR balance to the correct amount in USD and use it to purchase our games.

    In addition the FEAR Token is supported by Netcreeper Media Ltd. We are a two decade old company famous for publishing casual horror games with a sterling reputation for transparency and honesty!

    You can find us cited in notable online publications we sponsored including Forbes and CoinTelegraph.

    The majority of our NFTs are priced with the retail gaming market in mind. Any NFTs we sell for higher premiums are to be taken as highly speculative and we do not recommend them as any kind of investment. All we do is promote their utility.

    While we do our upmost to use maximum security measures in everything we do as a project, blockchain is still technically an evolving and greenfield area in Software. Exploits and unforseen circumstances do happen. Any project that doesn't communicate this does not do its community and the industry as a whole justice!

    We would never recommend our NFTs or own our token as an investment or for speculation purposes, all we can do is present our vision to you for our token and what we think will drive its demand.

  • If I do wish to own FEAR Token what are the benefits?

    All our Blockchain related content requires ADRENALINE our platform’s rewarder token or BLOOD our platform's purchaser token, which can be purchased using FEAR for a large discount. This means eventually the FEAR token may become rarer depending on the demand for our Games and Film Media.

    By holding a small amount of FEAR you may also become entitled to exclusive benefits such as unique in-game asset ownership and content made exclusively available to FEAR holders.

    Please note this is not financial advice nor do we promote in any way owning our token as an investment.

  • If I want to hold FEAR passively and not utilise the token for games what can I do with it?

    You can stake it in The Crypt to receive 10% APR paid out in FEAR minutely. Or you can lock it up in The Tomb for periods ranging from 2-5 years for a APR ranging from 20-50%. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions under the staking section for each Farm to fully understand what you are committing to.

  • Where can I Purchase the Token?

    Visit our FEAR Token page for further details on where to purchase our token.


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