Play to Burn

Play to Burn Ticket for WYUN

The Play to Burn ticket can be farmed in the Fear Farm and is required to take part in the Whack Your Undead Neighbour Play to Earn modes. Each ticket will give you two attempts to win 50 FEAR while farming the ticket from the NFT farm will burn 10 FEAR.

Elon Husk

Elon Husk in Whack the Demon (Only 5 Available)

Deploy Elon in the upcoming "Whack the Demon: Endless Nightmare Mode" P2E mode to help you survive longer. Elon Husk serves are a decoy beacon in the game while also possessing an incredibly hard shell to hide under. Available in the Fear Farm

World of Whack It

World of Whack It

Bringing our classic old blood soaked games back to life via an exclusive blockchain downloadable version. Available in the Fear Farm

WYUN: Octopussy

Octopussy in WYUN

A defense unit to be deployed in "Clucking Hell" P2E mode in WYUN and unlock unique kill content in the game. Available in the Fear Farm

WYUN: Undead Bacon

Undead Bacon in WYUN

This pig does more than just squeal, infact when you deploy him in our upcoming "Clucking Hell" mode he's going to eat some of this undead animals for breakfast! Available in the Fear Farm