Action NFT Games

Fear are creating exciting action nft games with the ability to achieve special in-game items (NFTs) and be awarded FEAR tokens to spend on very cool horror digital products. Not only will you be able to earn Fear and Blood within our games but you will also get the chance to win NFTs for achieving certain goals and discovering secrets within our games.

Horror Action and Adventure Narratives

Fear focus on horror action and adventure narratives offering players exciting and engaging games that are easy to pick up and play without the burden of too much training or knowledge up front. Targetting more of the casual gaming market with easy to play, hard to master games we are aiming to bring true decentralisation to the horror entertainment market to encourage the spread of original ideas and imaginative game development.

More FEAR Games

Blood Realms

A 3D horror action game with man and wolf


A 3D horror adventure with jump scares!

The Crypt

Become a Crypt Keeper and command demons to harvest the souls of humans

Whack the Demon

Play and watch 2D animated horror comic.

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