A 3D Horror Adventure

"Araya" is a 3D action horror game coming to the Fear ecosystem with 50 million Youtube views and millions of players made by Mad VR Studios.

Originally known for its fame on Steam as a serious creepy jump scare game, we have converted this unique horror survival title into an experience where gamers have the chance to earn FEAR tokens by progressing in the game. But be warned, it won't be easy to solve the puzzles and survive the underlying evil that is haunting the hospital!

araya flashlights

The phone flashlight you can obtain as an NFT is the key item of the game to help you navigate through the hospital and avoid getting caught by the horror that awaits. The flashlight comes in a variety of strengths, with the white light ("Full Moon") being the most powerful.

Earn per Chapter based on 3 in Game Metrics

  • Story Items - Items throughout the chapter. Some optional, some key parts to the story line
  • Sanity Level - Your sanity slowly ticks down as you spend more time progressing through each chapter
  • Number of Deaths - How many times you die in the Chapter

Compete in the Leaderboards of Death!

  • Each chapter has a leaderboard with winnings in FEAR
  • Highest rankings earn the most
  • Lucky draw for those outside the top rankings. More details to follow.
  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear

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