Clucking Hell

2D Action Shooter / Survival

A fully live action survival/defense game packed with P2E features coming to Fear in what is the first of two true successors to the original Whack It series.

  • Pegi Rating 12
  • Pegi Rating Violence

In Clucking Hell you will get to control of Patrick as you try to defend your farm land and pigs against waves of undead chickens and a whole lot more stranger things!

  • Play rounds 1 to 30 with rounds 1 to 10 being practice rounds and 11 to 30 play to earn rounds. Earn by completing each Round!
  • Hold one of our defense unit NFTs to assist in defending your farm
  • Endless mode sees players compete in many highscore leaderboards for weekly prize pools of $Fear
  • More mobs, more rediculous action game play, more gruesome surprises!
  • A variety of weapons to wield

Play to Earn NFTs to Help in Your Fight

Fully integrated NFTs to lend hand against fighting the Undead Animal outbreak. Acquire one of three units, each with their own game play enhancements and unique animations designed to help you kill quicker or last longer!


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