Clucking Hell

A fully live action survival/defense game packed with P2E features coming to Fear in what is the first of two true successors to the original Whack It series.


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Fear gamers can find out exactly how much they can earn from our full Play to Earn mode by consulting the Clucking Oracle! She will happily answer your questions and set you on the right path clucking glory!

clucking oracle Clucking Hell Road Map

Recent Updates

Date Added: (13th October 2021)

  • Full play to earn mode now live
  • Polygon integration with Fear token via Metamask
  • New mob behaviour on two headed chickens
  • Automatic AR-15 Shooting by holding down left mouse
  • Rounds 1 to 30
  • Rounds 11 to 30 representing Play to Earn
  • Staking 20 or more Fear activates Whisky
  • Invicibility exploit fixed

Date Added: (29th September 2021)

  • In Game Tutorial Added
  • Enemy AI Upgraded
  • Radar Vision Increased
  • Whisky defense deployment (you have control!)

About the Game

In Clucking Hell you will get to control of Patrick as you try to defend your farm land and pigs against waves of undead chickens and a whole lot more stranger things!

  • Play rounds 1 to 30 with rounds 1 to 10 being practice rounds and 11 to 30 play to earn rounds. Earn by completing each Round!
  • Hold one of our defense unit NFTs to assist in defending your farm (coming Mid October 2021)
  • Endless wave mode will see players compete in many highscore leaderboards for weekly prize pools of $Fear
  • More mobs, more rediculous action game play, more gruesome surprises!

  • A variety of weapons to wield

Clucking Hell is a heavily layered shooting game will challenge players to not only have the skill to navigate waves of monstrous farm like creatures but also to multi task and manage several things at once to ensure your farm land is protected and the undead outbreak doesn't get further out of control.

"Help to Earn" with Whisky!

Whisky comes automatically as your defense dog in the game when you
Stake 20 Fear in the Devil's Chest. He's a very handy companion to have who will stay by your side while pouncing on nearby enemies. Whisky will particularly be useful for later waves when the going gets tough and can double up with an NFT defense unit.

Fully Integrated NFT Defense Units

These defense units are killer NFTs and come with P2E enchancing in-game use cases to help you win more Fear.

Whether you have the "Charles the Octopus", "BBKill" or "Undead Bacon" NFT they will all help to defend your farmland and pigs against the unwelcome invaders.

They will eat, trample on and toast the undead animal waves. Each has it's own unique animation and powerful way of defending your Pigs vs all the undead farm animals.