Clucking Hell: Frostbite

Clucking Hell is a live action survival game where you need to defend yourself and farm land from paraytical flesh eating animals and humans!

  • Pegi Rating 12
  • Pegi Rating Violence

Winter is Here in Clucking Hell & there is a Deadly Chill in the Air!

In the bleakest of winters, regular farm animals are turned into parasytical flesh eating creatures who want to claim you and a live stock as there next victims.

Play as Patrick and defend your land until the last creature is down and dead for good in this action survival game.

FEAR Wolf Utility

Now you can upgrade your regular German Shepherd dog to an Alpha Wolf when you own a FEAR Wolf. The new upgraded Whisky Wolf has more health and attack strength to dispose of all your enemies during the day and night!

New Bone Chilling Enemies!

  • Cowanbga: A bloated mutated cow filled with a green acidic goo, Cowabanga delivers massive damage when she blows up on top of you!
  • Cluckhodler: An all seeing giant chicken eye firing eggs from it's mouth
  • Goosie: A crooked goose with a deadly poison that can slow you down and leave a nasty after effect!

Cowabanga Revealed!

cowabanga view 2

He’s a nasty bloated cow, too big to walk normally and he rolls around and is filled full of acidic milk. You best keep away from Cowabangas because they deal lethal acidic damage when they get near you, happy to kamikaze themselves to deal a deadly blow to you and your helpers.

Cowabanga: Abilities

  • Explodes when he gets near you dealing major AOE damage
  • Spews poisonous acidic milk all over the floor
  • Acidic puddles remain and are damaging to step on

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