Devil's Chest

Welcome to the Clucking Hell Devils Chest Dashboard. Here you can manage your FEAR Play to Earn Staking, Rewards and access your stats for the Clucking Hell Game.

How to Play to Earn?

1. Install Metamask wallet

2. Play to Earn can be experienced on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) or the Polygon Network

3. Connect your Wallet by clicking the Connect Button and choose a Network you wish to play on. If you don't have the BSC or Polygon network added to your Metamask wallet the Connect Button will take care of this for you.

4. Buy the FEAR Coin on Quick Swap or Pancake Swap.

5. If you wish to buy FEAR on Quick Swap you'll need MATIC in your Metamask Wallet or for Pancake Swap you'll need BNB in your Wallet. MATIC and BNB are the native tokens of each chain and are required to run transactions such as Buys and Sells. You only need a few dollars for each to run many transactions!

6. If you wish to buy FEAR on an exchange you have two options. 1. Polygon -> Buy MATIC on any exchange and withdraw it over the Polygon network to your Meta Mask address and swap your MATIC for FEAR on Quick Swap. 2. BSC -> Buy BNB on any exchange and withdraw it over the BSC network to your Meta Mask address and swap your BNB for FEAR on Pancake Swap. Make sure to always have some MATIC or BNB left in your wallet to run further transactions.

7. Go to the the "FEAR Stakers" tab and if necessary approve the page to accept your FEAR

8. Stake your FEAR (there's no minimum amount to Stake but there is a maximum of 500 FEAR)

9. After Staking your FEAR click the Play Clucking Hell tab to visit the game. The Game uses Web GL for rendering and therefore works in most modern browsers across all platforms but we recommend you use Google Chrome for the best experience.

10. On the Main Menu of the Game Connect your wallet and a dialog will appear showing your in game balance (which starts at zero), the Amount of FEAR in your Metmask Wallet and the Amount of FEAR you staked in step 6.

11. Your Earnings in Game depend on how much FEAR you stake - for a better understanding visit the Cluck Oracle (Profit Calculator)

12. Now click Play and work your way through the Rounds, the first 10 rounds are for practice and you are not eligible to earn FEAR however rounds 11-30 you can progressively earn a higher FEAR reward!

13. When you have played enough times and accumulated FEAR in your in game balance its time to claim your FEAR!

14. Visit the "Your Stats" tab and click the claim button. Confirm the transaction in your Meta Mask wallet and once the transaction has finished running your in Game Balance will be converted to real FEAR in your wallet.

15. You can sell your FEAR on Quick Swap, Pancake Swap and all exchanges FEAR is listed on.

Connect your Wallet to see your in Game Stats...
Loading Your Clucking Hell Stats... Clucking Hell Stats
FEAR In Game Balance
#️⃣ Number of plays remaining
⏱ Reset plays date
FEAR Earnt to Date
Last Played
Points (Rounds Completed + Final Rounds * 100)
Rounds Completed
Final Rounds
Round Reached Record
Connect your Wallet to Stake FEAR and Play to Earn...
Stake your FEAR to Play to Earn
In wallet $FEAR
Staked amount $FEAR

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