the crypt

Play as a Crypt Keeper in this "Snooze to Earn" Game

The Crypt is an idle adventure and management game being developed for Fear by Evil Twin Studio, where the player becomes a Crypt Keeper in the Underworld. You summon evil characters from the depths of hell to harvest dark resources and capture human souls. These humans are in return tormented through various soul harvesting devices in the crypts to summon new evil and demonic creatures.

A first of it's kind "Snooze to Earn" game, you will be able to earn our Blood token while your sleeping by relying on your Evil Demon Overseers to keep harvesting while your offline.

Beta Version is Due out in Q1 22

  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence

Core Game Loop

  • Summon evil creatures from the depths of hell.
  • Capture humans and pull them into the underworld.
  • Unlock crypts and evil devices to harvest tormented souls.
  • Six different crypts to store and harvest your victims!
  • Use tormented souls to summon new evil creatures that will capture more humans.

Idle Mechanic

The evil devices players can unlock, will harvest tormented souls, which must be collected on a recurring basis. As the devices are upgraded, the number of tormented souls generated increases. Evil characters can be unlocked to finally automate this collection, but upgrades can continue to be made to increase their yield.

Better evil devices will generate more tormented souls but with a longer wait time. It will be more expensive to upgrade these devices, but the yield will be greater. Finally, when the player levels up, they can send their summoned evil creatures to capture new humans.

The game will continue to collect new humans and harvest tormented souls when player is offline, to a certain capped max. The more players have upgraded their devices, upgraded characters, and unlocked new crypts the more they can generate while offline.

Lost Souls (Vault System)

Extra soft or hard currency will be gathered in an optional vault, which can be unlocked for a real price. The value of the vault will keep increasing, thus increasing the value it represents. This could be a portion of your tortured souls when you are offline.

Earn While Offline

An industry Play to Earn Industry first the Crypto will allow players to earn while offline and Snoozing!. Fear players can come back often to the game to see their crypts have generated full capacity of souls (in Game Currency). Collecting a sizeable amount of souls will encourage game sessions and players to spend the souls to improve their crypt and harvest more souls! Souls will be able to be converted to our upcoming Blood token!

Daily Rewards

On top of collecting your human souls from your active crypts, players will also have daily login bonus rewards, such as free gacha pulls and small portions of soft and hard currency.

Your Soul is Mine to Keep!

Harvesting devices will be unlocked through progression rewards. There will be levels of efficiency, that will yield more tormented souls, such as Common / Rare, etc. These devices will become available in the player’s active crypts, which will feature a looped animation with a human afterwards. Items will be upgradeable and eventually automated to yield more tormented souls.

Characters (Tower of Terror)

lord pierce body

Evil characters can be summoned through progression rewards and an optional gacha system. There will be various types of characters with various roles, such as Gate Keepers, which will allow the flow of captured humans. Other characters will control soul harvesting devices, increase their yield, and automate their process. These character cards will also have levels, with various stats, such as Common / Rare / Legendary / Mythic.

Those Pesky Humans!

Characters will also be required to protect the Underworld from outside menace, which will come in the form of various enemy attacks (Priest Exorcist, Community Witch Hunt, Devine Intervention, Blessings, etc). These attacks will be recurring and sporadic, and at the moment of the attack, players will be forced to "prestige" their crypts and restart over. After each prestige attack players will have better stats and current card rosters to progress faster each time.

A tier system of prestige will be required to complete the last quest and unlock the new Underworld, with new crypts, new harvesting devices and new characters.

Evil Goes Global!

Players will have access to an optional map of the underworld, where new themed game plays will be unlocked through progression. In each themed game play, the evil characters and crypts will be unique. For example, a Fortress of Doom with a theme around volcanic lava and characters that are earth-bound like Orcs. Another theme we are working on conceptually is a Water based world, with misty spirits or sea-creatures.

Each of these worlds will represent unique challenges to complete and players will want to master each world to master the game. This will also be the game's long term live ops direction.

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