The Crypt Game

A farming game with a dark sense of humour!

As a sinner you have been spared an eternity in hell by doing the bidding of dark lords. You are to manage a crypt where the torment of humans and harvesting of their souls is the main aim!

The Crypt Soul Harvesting

Game Summary

"The Crypt" is a devious idle farming and management game being developed for Fear by Evil Twin Studio coming in Q4 2023 to PC and Android. The player becomes a Crypt Keeper in the Underworld.

You summon evil characters from the depths of hell to harvest dark resources and capture human souls. These humans are in return tormented through various soul harvesting devices in the crypts to summon new evil and demonic creatures.

A first of it's kind "farming" game, you will be able to collect "Souls" while your sleeping by relying on your Evil Demon Overseers to keep harvesting while your offline. You will have a chance to convert those souls into our real tokens.

Game Features

The Crypt has many engaging & unique features never seen in blockchain before

sleep to earn

Idle Earnings

Fear gamers can harvest souls for rewards even when they are offline, thus allowing them the chance obtain NFTs and rewards!

dark and unique appearance

Dark and Unique Appearance

There is nothing like The Crypt out there in blockchain, it's dark and visually appealing while also maintaining a dark undertone of horror.

many demons

Many Demons to Collect

The Crypt will allow loyal players the opportunity to mint and collect common and rare demons. But it's first come first serve so you better hurry and torment those humans!

soul harvesting

Daily Rewards

On top of collecting your human souls from your active crypts, players will also have daily login bonus rewards, such as free gacha pulls and small portions of soft and hard currency.

global domination

Global Domination!

Unlock and explore many maps of Crypts filled with different demons to collect and distinct environments. For example, a Fortress of Doom with a theme around volcanic lava and characters that are earth-bound like Orcs.

Soul Vault

Lost Souls (Vault)

Extra soft or hard currency will be gathered in an optional vault, which can be unlocked for a real price. The value of the vault will keep increasing, thus increasing the value it represents. This could be a portion of your tortured souls when you are offline.


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