whack the demon

The Blockbuster Interactive Animation Series Goes Dark!

Whack the Demon is a interactive horror animation being developed by Whack It studios. It will be the biggest and most bloody animation yet in a series that so far has been
watched by over 400 million Youtubers and interacted with by 350 million fans.

Game Plot:

When an ancient demonic force is awakened while Patrick, Lisa and Whisky are on holiday at a cabin in the woods, it's up to you controlling everyone's favourite brutal family to send the demon straight back to the pits of hell!

Overcome Evil in All It's Forms!

The demon will transmutate into many forms taking inspiration from both folklore and movies. Each demon will see the Whack It family using not just their savage style of fighting but their wit to overcome each demonic form.

Jonathan Carey (Whack It Game Director) says:

"Whack the Demon aims to take the series down a darker path into the fantasy world of horror, where Patrick, Lisa and Whisky face a totally different type of threat other than humans. We really want to take not just the creativity of the kills to new heights, but also the visuals, animations and game play. We can't wait to share with the world a totally new take on our Whack It family and their bloody adventures".

Watch and Earn Rewards!

Simply point, click and watch as hilarious blood soaked scenarios occur and earn FEAR Token while you enjoy the crazy story of the Whack It family vs the morphing demon.

FEAR users will have the chance to win FEAR token rewards by completing the interactive animated comic, you simply have to find and watch all the kills to have a chance of winning FEAR!

Sustainable Rewards

Rewards given out in Fear tokens will be supported by advertisements, NFT purchases and sponsored product/project placements.

Animation Features:

  • Watch and Earn when you complete the animation
  • Over 100 unique kill scenarios to enjoy
  • 30 demons to watch the Whack It family battle and brutally slay!
  • New and improved visuals and blood splatter
  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence
  • Rare NFTs to Own to access unique additional animated features!
  • Users will need to spend Fear to watch the animation. This can see millions of new users come to the upcoming Fear Horror Hub.
  • FEAR stakers can also earn additional FEAR just by watching the animation and completing it.


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