Whack the Demon

2D Action / Survival

Whack the Demon is a point and click / action survival game being developed by Whack It games. It will be the biggest, most brutal and bloody game yet in the series with both story mode (traditional mode) and endless nightmare mode (survival mode) with Play to Earn.

Plot: When an ancient demonic force is awakened while Patrick, Lisa and Whisky are on holiday at a cabin in the woods, it's up to you controlling everyone's favourite brutal family to send the demon straight back to the pits of hell!

Game Features:

  • Play to Earn via highscore competitions and token farming in Endless Nightmare mode
  • Over 100 unique kills in total
  • Each available to own via NFTs to unlock exclusive content
  • 30 demons to battle and brutally kill
  • Each demon has unique abilities and their own ways to be killed and to kill you
  • New and improved visuals
  • Tricky puzzles to solve with in built inventory
  • Skill based kills
  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence

The games full blockchain features include:

  • Fear token integration to access exclusive game play areas for holders including Endless Nightmare Mode
  • Many types of powerful NFT integrations including Unique/Rare characters, Demons plus Unique/rare weapons to use
  • Cross game NFTs with Whack Your Undead Neighbour NFTs having multiple powerful use cases in Whack the Demon
  • Unique custom designed characters worth 666,666 Fear each for those lucky enough to farm or find the NFTs (only 3 available!)
  • Play to Earn through both Story and Endless Nightmare Modes where the best players win Fear token prize pools!
  • Compete in the "Blood Cup" in Play to Earn to win huge prizes


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