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Discover the Many Hilarious and Bloody Ways to Slay your Neighbour

Whack Your Undead Neighbour is the crazy interactive animation by Whack It Games soaked in blood and watched by an audience of millions of blood thirsty viewers.

Watch as everyone's favourite violent family, Patrick, Lisa and Whisky embark upon a killing spree taking out their zombie neighbour and granny to boot!

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Whack your Undead Neighbour Remastered for Mobile, Web and Desktop

FEAR are in the process of remastering Whack your Undead Neighbour improving the animations and making the kills more entertaining.

Upgrades to the game include different parts of the game will have skins that can be acquired and using the FEAR token a more bloodier version of the kills can be unlocked.

Expect the game out in Q1 2023 dropping on mobile first.

Some of our Fans!

  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence

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