LP Staking on

Thena Fi

LP Staking of FEAR/BUSD is available on BSC based DEX Thena Fi.

  • What is LP Staking?

    By providing Liquidity on a Decentralised Exchange such as Thena for FEAR/BUSD you are rewarded with a high APR.

  • How does FEAR fund the Rewards for LP Staking?

    As a project we own the majority of the liquidity on BSC which we use to farm and earn rewards. Those rewards are recycled back into Thena allowing the project to vote on its own liquidity for further rewards.

    In addition FEAR made an initial investment in Thena as a founder which allowed the project to receive airdropped "THE" tokens. All tokens were locked up allowing the project to vote for it's own liquidity from the start.

  • What is Voting?

    Thena is a decentralised DEX owned by it's token holders. Token holders can lock up their tokens and receive veThe in return. veThe enables a holder to vote on different LP pairs on the DEX for incentives. Voters are paid by projects offering voting bribes and also receive a portion of trading fees from the DEX.

  • Why does Thena benefit FEAR vs other DEXes?

    Incentives are not paid in FEAR but instead in the Thena token. This means that the FEAR token circulating supply does not increase as a result of the incentivisation.

  • How do I LP Stake?

    Head over to Thena Fi. Use the filter and type in FEAR. Then click the add liquidity button. Select your FEAR and BUSD and click "Add Liquidity and Stake". That's it you are all set to begin receiving rewards!


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