Fear Museum

3D Adventure Horror with NFT Marketplace

The Fear Museum is the gateway into our upcoming 3D HorrorVerse, a Gaming MetaVerse with Play to Earn Quests where you can earn NFTs and Play to Earn gaming horror worlds.

Players will enter a metaverse of surreal happenings, explore a museum and it's grounds full of strange stories and scary creatures as they look to navigate creepy environments and survive unseen horrors.

Death Trap Tomb Coming Soon

death trap tomb

Fulfill the Blood Quest and enter the Death Trab Tomb where tricky traps and impending death loom at every corner. Are you skillful enough to make it out alive with the price?

  • Experience the Fully Integrated Fear Wallet for the First Time
  • Death traps await at every turn
  • Make it out alive and mint a special NFT to give you powers beyond a mortal to use in the Fear Museum
  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence
  • Play in the first ever 3D HorrorVerse on the blockchain with play to earn quests and an NFT marketplace combined
  • Discover a strange and scary world of horror
  • The museum will provide a portal to multi-dimensional worlds of horror with various other games to play which are unique to the museum as well as our other ecosystem partner games
  • Try to find the secret Araya Room and enter if you dare. The first NFT to be used in the full upcoming Play to Earn version of the game will be on display.
  • Enter the Clucking Hell World in 3D and try to survive the infected demonic barn animals out for your blood while browsing key NFTs to use in the real game! (Coming November)
  • The FEAR WALLET: The first release of Fear's own custom PC in-game Polygon wallet to use with the Fear token and all future Fear ecosystem games
  • Begin your quest to own a limited edition NFT and Unique mystery reward yet to be revealed by Fear
  • Start to un-pick a creepy narrative in order to learn the history of the museum and it's surrounding environment
  • Many more secrets plus a huge play to earn game mode yet to be revealed!

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