Fear Museum

An Expansive and Dark Horror Open World

The Fear Museum is the start of an upcoming horror action open world where players will come face to face with horrific creatures and beings with little in the way of defense to survive. Nurturing and training one of the Dire Wolves will be paramount to your early progress as a hero in the world.

The world being developed in HDRP Unity pipeline will feature various terrains and areas of the world with unique and scary enemies you will have to slay in the most of brutal of ways to complete quests in our Achieve to Earn system.

  • Experience the Integrated Fear Wallet for the First Time
  • Train and nurture a Dire Wolf to help you survive against horrific enemies
  • A hauntingly beautiful world coming in Q3 with a creepy atmospheric setting
  • Pegi Rating 16
  • Pegi Rating Fear
  • Pegi Rating Violence
  • Play in the first 3D horror world on the blockchain with achieve to earn quests.
  • The FEAR WALLET: The first release of Fear's own custom PC in-game Polygon wallet to use with the Fear token and digital assets.
  • Start to un-pick a creepy narrative in order to learn the history of the museum and it's surrounding world

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