FEAR is building an Independent, Censor-Resistant Horror Platform for both our own in-house game dev team and for independent horror game developers and filmmakers

Find out below the features that make our platform so horrifying!

The Horror Hub is our gamer centric gateway into the FEAR platform.

FEAR Games, Films and Animations can be accessed and purchased using the FEAR token with no blockchain knowledge required. All consumers need is a google account to login.

Available for both desktop and mobile, major discounts will be given to FEAR Token Holders.

With the FEAR Wallet you can easily login to the Horror Hub and connect to the blockchain. Purchase FEAR tokens with your Credit Card and begin exploring our horror media.

All purchases are gas free and require no crypto knowledge to use the hub, opening FEAR up to the mass market of horror fans.

Venture into the Horror-Verse with "Blood Realms". An action based horror world where you fight against other players and evil itself with your dire wolf.

In The Wolf Arena players will fight each other to train their dire wolf before facing an ancient evil.

To battle in the Wolf Arena get your Super Rare Dire Wolf at FEAR


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