Evil Twin Games Strategic Investment

The FEAR Company expanding its web in the Blockchain

The Blockchain and Play to Earn games market is growing exponentially with the quantity of games coming onto the market increasing daily. I’m sure by the time I am done writing this article a handful of new blockchain games and game related crypto tokens will have been announced!

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Fear Partners With StackOS’ DeCloud To Make Its Scary Play-To-Earn Games Unstoppable!

This Halloween past, things got a lot scarier! Not for us though, but for our competition. Fear is super delighted to announce that we have partnered with StackOS to deploy our powerful and fearful play-to-earn games and website on their revolutionary decentralized cloud.  

There are great benefits to this partnership, especially because StackOS’ decentralized cloud will make our games unstoppable! Literally, no one will be able to take our horror games down once deployed! In addition to this, our DevOps costs are drastically reduced and we can deploy a game in development onto a live environment and take it down and stop paying when testing is done. Compared to centralized cloud providers, this will save us funds which we rather give to people playing our spooky games! 

Explore our recently launched play-to-earn horror game; Clucking Hell or enter the Fear Museum!

StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol that allows individuals and organizations to share their computing resources and collectively offer a decentralized cloud; where developers around the world can deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain private nets, and main net nodes in minutes, anonymously, more securely and at lower cost.

Let’s do a deep dive into why we choose to partner with StackOS!

Lightning-fast Deployment

Deployment on StackOS can easily be done in minutes through its easy-to-use interface after the applications have been containerized. Its total no-code deployment reduces the developer resources from our end to deploy and allows us to focus more on building our epic games. 

Testing is also made super-efficient because of this feature because we can now quickly test out our games in the private net and optimize it faster for the mainnet.

Unstoppably Decentralized

StackOS has nodes that are spread across the world. This allows us to be genuinely decentralized and provides us with an everlasting, trustless, and secure deployment engine to run our games.

Even if a node provider gets deleted from the network or malfunctions, the application will fail over to another instance in real-time. Hence there is no downtime, ever. It is truly unstoppable. 

Truly Anonymous

​​Launching an application on StackOS is anonymous. There were no sign-ups required to deploy an application. They don’t know what runs on the cloud and who deployed it. All they care about is that our game is running powerfully.

Cheaper costs

Deploying on StackOS is a lot cheaper than deploying on traditional cloud services like AWS or Azure. This is mainly because StackOS removes the need of a huge DevOps team to manage the deployment and the performance of the game. We rather spend those precious resources on you, our users by improving our games even further! 

All these features of StackOS make Fear even more powerful making it unstoppable so you can play our games forever!

This partnership also puts us at the forefront of the DeCloud narrative that will soon revolutionize the world. We were delighted to take up the opportunity to partner with them and look forward to a fruitful working relationship together!

About StackOS

StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol that allows individuals and organizations to share their computing resources and collectively offer a decentralized cloud; where developers around the world can deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain private nets, and main net nodes.

We aim to provide the world with “The Unstoppable Infrastructure Protocol”, which will allow any person across the world to deploy their application without incurring heavy cloud management costs and freely run any application they wish to run. StackOS furthermore intends to help brick and mortar businesses around the globe, to go online cost-effectively and securely with minimal technical overhead.

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Muon Collaboration: Integrating a Single Player Game with the King of Layer Zeros

Many FEAR games – unlike many others in the blockchain space – are single player orientated and play to earn payouts are the result of player vs machine. That means tracking a player’s movements as part of proof of solution and preventing bots is crucial to our games integrity.

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Into the HorrorVerse with the Fear Museum

There’s been much talk of late about “Metaverses”, with even Facebook desperately scrambling to create their own and even renaming themselves to stay relevant. But Metaverses have existed for a long time now with many games being just that – open virtual worlds where players go to escape, build their own worlds and games – Minecraft and Roblox being the most obvious.

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Elon Husk is Lighting Up the Fear Farm!

Fear are excited to mint our first super rare Play to Earn NFT character – “Elon Husk”. As a defense character to deploy in Fear’s upcoming flagship Play to Earn game “Whack the Demon: Endless Nightmare” Elon Husk will come to the rescue of just a small handful of lucky gamers as there are only 5 available to farm!

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Fear and NFTrade launch Gaming NFT Farm

Play-to-Earn and NFT-focused games are one of the highlights of the blockchain and crypto industries lately, showing a growing user base of gamers and collectors how they can monetize their hobbies and passions. FEAR, a major Play-to-Earn developer in the NFT space, is preparing to release a catalog of games, and at NFTrade, we have synthesized ways to bring even more value to NFT project developers and owners. Through a collaboration with FEAR, we are pleased to offer a FEAR NFT Farm, allowing $FEAR token holders to earn unique, collectible, and usable gaming NFTs by staking the native token of the FEAR network.

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Whack Your Undead Neighbour: Play to Earn Rules

P2E launches on the 3rd of August where tickets will be available to farm on our website and the tickets will be enabled in the game on the 10th of August. The reason for the gap between ticket farming and the enablement of tickets in the game is threefold…

  • We want to allow the community time to work through the process of farming tickets
  • Tickets farmed do not have to be used by the farmer but can be sold on Opensea into a secondary market
  • It offers our marketing team a good period to get the word out on the farm and when the P2E launches
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100,000 Plays “Rush of Blood” Competition Details

To celebrate the successful launch of the first version of our browser based point and click puzzle game “Whack Your Undead Neighbour” and an amazing 100,000 Plays in under 7 days we are running a competition for all Fear coin holders to participate in to align with the Fear coin integration of the next version of our game due for launch on the 28th July.

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