100,000 Plays “Rush of Blood” Competition Details

To celebrate the successful launch of the first version of our browser based point and click puzzle game “Whack Your Undead Neighbour” and an amazing 100,000 Plays in under 7 days we are running a competition for all Fear coin holders to participate in to align with the Fear coin integration of the next version of our game due for launch on the 28th July.

You will need 6 Fear in your wallet for these puzzles to become available to try to solve in the game and get a chance to win $1,000 worth of Fear! (reward will be based on the price of Fear on the day of rewarding the winners).

The competition will feature 2 intricate and devilishly difficult puzzles to solve in the game to complete two full kills unique and only accessible to Fear coin holders (you must hold 6 fear in a Metamask wallet to access the exclusive Play to Earn puzzle kills in the game).

We wanted to run the competition to give our fans and blockchain gamer’s a taste of what we are working on in terms of “Play to Earn” integration for the traditional point and clicks modes of our games. We are also working on a more beefed up Play to Earn mode in the game known as our “Kill to Earn” mode (survival mode).

A Rush of Blood!

The first Fear coin holder to solve one of the two puzzles and to post proof of the full solution via video in our main Fear Telegram group will win one of the two competitions. ($1,000). The same user is not eligible to win both puzzle competitions.

Important Rules to Read

  1. Competition starts 11.00am UTC time 28th July.
  2. To win the user has to solve one of two kill puzzles the quickest and quote the secret phrase that is revealed upon solving either puzzle in our special telegram group.
  3. To unlock the two puzzle kills the gamer first has to complete the initial 10 zombie neighbour kills.
  4. The winner is therefore the first person not just to solve the kill, but to solve the kill and quote the secret phrase first in the competition telegram group we will set up 2 hours before the game update and competition go live.
  5. Users that spam the competition with the incorrect phrases to try game the system will be disqualified from participating.

What’s Coming for “Play to Earn” After the Comp?

Play to Earn on the 3rd August will be comprehensively automated so that gamer’s can consistently Play to Earn whenever they like without any competition announcements or even video recording of the puzzles being solved. Rewards will be issued weekly in bulk as opposed to individual transactions per user as users will be logged based on how long they take to complete a puzzle or challenge and rewarded Fear based on tiered brackets of time completion.

Anti Cheat Measures

We actually already have “Play to Earn” capabilities programmed into Whack Your Undead Neighbour internally but we are working on an anti-cheat system to stop bots and malicious users, organised groups from “gaming” the system for solving puzzles through click spamming and sharing solutions in a mass group for malicious “organised farming” of our game. Security and game mechanics obfuscation to prevent cheating is an absolute must to make the game fair and give all Fear coin holders the chance to earn from our game.

Puzzle and Skill Based Challenges

There will be a whole range of puzzle based challenges for our Fear coin holders and stakers to Play to Earn that will be introduced every week after the first official launch of Play to Earn on the 3rd August.

We are also working on skilled based mini games to play to earn Fear and of course the survival mode. Every puzzle or skill based challenge will be laced with blood and highly original animations so unlike some games we will leave unnamed here, our gamer’s will also have super fun time while trying to earn Fear!

We will be posting regularly updates on our news blog here, on Twitter and Telegram to share with our Fear gamers with new challenges to take on!

Quick Rules of the Competition

To enter the competition and partake here are the rules summarised:

  • Must holder 6 Fear in a Metamask wallet (not any other)
  • Must join the telegram group set up especially for the competition, the competition Telegram group will be announced in our main Telegram chat 2 hours before the game is updated and the competition is released.
  • Must be a member of our main Fear Telegram Group
  • Must be a follower on Twitter
  • Must like and retweet the original Twitter Announcement here
  • Must be the first to post the secret phrase for one of the two kill puzzles in the competition telegram group before anyone else to win
  • 2 puzzles to solve, once the first gamer solves either puzzles this will disqualify others from being to win by solving that puzzle
  • To unlock the two puzzle kills the gamer first has to complete the initial 10 zombie neighbour kills.
  • Only one puzzle maximum can be solved by a single user
  • Rewards will be given out the following day after each puzzle has been solved
  • $1000 worth of Fear will be based on the current price when the Fear is sent to the user’s wallet
  • Competiton starts 11am UTC on the 28th July