Blockchain’s first PVE Casual Gaming Comp

In the Blood Cup players must casually shoot their way through endless rounds of undead chickens and other farm animals from the underworld in order to achieve the highest round vs all other Players. That’s as complicated as it gets!

The Dashboard

The Blood Cup Dashboard is where players can manage their participation, see their rankings and claim their winnings!

The Blood Cup Dashboard!

Casual Comps = More Players!

The comp is straight forward. Buy your Blood Vials, enter the competition and see how far you can get. That’s it!

How to Enter?

By acquiring Blood Vial NFTs. Blood Vials are both purchasable and redeemable in real FEAR tokens. Currently it takes 5 Blood Vials to enter the Blood Cup and 1 Blood Vial = 2 FEAR.

What can you Win?

10 Participants20 Participants…30 Participants…
Ranking: Blood Vials Won (1 Blood Vial = 2 FEAR)1:   17
2:   12
3:   9
4:   7
5:   5
1: 27
2: 18
3: 14
4: 11
5: 10
6: 7
7: 7
8: 6
1: 35
2: 24
3: 18
4: 15
5: 12
6: 10
7: 9
8: 8
9: 7
10: 6
11: 6

FEAR Sponsored Blood Comps with NFTs

  • FEAR will sponsor the first several blood comps with an additional FEAR token prize to incentivize players to join.
  • Top ranked positions can also win NFTs – more details on the NFTs available for prizes will be provided in the coming days

FEAR Utility

  • FEAR is used to buy Blood Vial NFTs
  • The Blood Vials are then distributed out to the top ranked players
  • Blood Vials can then be converted back to FEAR or held to enter later competitions

Blood Utility

  • When the Blood Token launches, you will need to stake FEAR to enter the Blood Comp
  • You will then use the Blood Token to purchase Blood Vials instead