Clucking Hell: Play to Earn Guide

Here you can find a super easy guide to teach you how to use FEAR tokens to earn more FEAR in our newly released Clucking Hell game. For those familar with Fear tokens on Polygon already the steps are even simpler. Enjoy!

Step 1: Buy Fear on Polygon via Quickswap here.

Step 2: Go to Devil’s Chest for Clucking Hell and Stake Your Fear (500 maximum) (Locked for 14 Days)

Step 3: Launch Clucking Hell game here –

Step 4: Connect your Metamask wallet within the game main menu

Step 5: If you connect with any other network, a message will pop up notifying the user to change networks. (

Step 6: Start the game and pass Round 10

Step 7: The Play to Earn menu will pop up, with your chance to stake more FEAR

Step 8: Press Play

Step 9: Earn Fear tokens from rounds 11-30. If you want to know how much you can make please consult The Clucking Oracle.

Note: The game ends when:

  1. The user reaches round 30
  2. The user is death

Afterwards, the user can enter the game again from Step 5.