Elon Husk is Lighting Up the Fear Farm!

Fear are excited to mint our first super rare Play to Earn NFT character – “Elon Husk”. As a defense character to deploy in Fear’s upcoming flagship Play to Earn game “Whack the Demon: Endless Nightmare” Elon Husk will come to the rescue of just a small handful of lucky gamers as there are only 5 available to farm!

Serving as a decoy beacon in Whack the Demon, Elon Husk provides major relief when you become overwhelmed by legions of demons who can’t help but chase after him due to his smell and cowering nature.

His shell has the capability to giving off a electrical shock that delivers serious damage to slow down the pursuit of the demons while his hard shell gives him the perfect safe hiding place to bury in before he eventually gets eaten alive by an overwhelming wave of demons.

We will be posting a game play trailer of him aiding you in your defense in Whack the Demon soon along with plenty of footage for the game which we have been working on development of for many months now.

Elon Husk represents the first of a variety of defense NFTs that will be made available in the Fear NFT farm, some will be super rare like him, others more common so keep your eyes pealed so you dont miss out on all the exciting in game NFTs we will be starting to unleash on to our farm in the coming months in lead up to the release of Whack the Demon Endless Nightmare mode.