Evil Twin Games Strategic Investment

The FEAR Company expanding its web in the Blockchain

The Blockchain and Play to Earn games market is growing exponentially with the quantity of games coming onto the market increasing daily. I’m sure by the time I am done writing this article a handful of new blockchain games and game related crypto tokens will have been announced!

Over here at FEAR HQ we do things a little differently!

Whilst we recently released our own Play-To-Earn game, Clucking Hell (which we continue to expand on inline with its internal roadmap), we have also been talking to many gaming studios about rejuvenating older popular games never before played by the current generation of gamers. By adding NFTs and Play-to-Earn components to these games, they can be enjoyed by a new generation of gamers all over again!

While we wait for Araya to launch and also the follow up titles Mad Cock and potentially Araya 2, we are very excited to tell you about the next phase of expansion for the FEAR brand and company.

An Incredibly Exciting New Studio Acquisition and Game Coming to the Fear Ecosystem!

Today we signed an agreement that we have been working towards for the last couple of months. The agreement cemenets a strategic investment in a gaming startup company “Evil Twin Games”.

Evil Twin is a spin off of the former company, Brutal Studio, with whom we’ve had a great long term relationship. We originally colloborated with Brutal on the previous famous series of Whack It Games! These guys are amazing creative people who have vast experience in creating original 2D games for the PC and mobile.

What Game is Coming I Hear You Cry Out!?

With this investment, we acquire the publishing rights and revenue sharing for a new upcoming “Idle Strategy” Horror game known as “The Crypt”. We will be revealing over the next two weeks a full detailed plan of the game play design, mechanics, Play to Earn tokenomics and NFTs within – The Crypt.

This game’s MVP we will be aiming to release within 3 months from now!
As with all our titles, it’s a little out there, however there will be different flavors published to ensure that the game has maximum exposure on all platforms. The title is due to come out on Windows and Mac Desktop followed by Android…

Revenue Generation from Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Releases Used to Support the Fear Ecosystem
All revenue made through none Play to Earn related gaming platforms will be used to support the FEAR eco-system for the long term, ensuring the project lives on and is able to acquire more gaming rights as we expand.

A Commitment to Further Acquisition of Games and Famous Characters to the Fear Ecosystem

Before I finish, I’d just like to add that with the onset of endless fantasy type genres and games coming out, we will continue to focus on acquiring titles that fit our brand and will bring incredible value to our Ecosystem and audience experience. This includes IP we are working to secure of famous horror characters.

“The Crypt” represents the first of many future acquisitions in quality horror games that will further support FEAR and FEAR linked tokens going forward! This will be another achievement that will allow us to transition into becoming the number one Blockchain Gaming Publisher of High Quality titles in the industry both in the medium to long term.

More details on the “The Crypt” and the relationship between FEAR and Evil Twin Games will follow in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!