Fear Eco System Expansion & New Gaming Partnership

FEAR is delighted to welcome MAD VR Studio, creators of the viral 3D action/adventure horror game ARAYA (click here to watch) to the Fear Ecosystem.

MAD VR Studio’s ARAYA is a hugely popular jump scare horror game that captured millions of players under their spell.

With FEAR, MAD VR plan to develop ARAYA 2 and utilize FEAR’s eco system to allow Araya 2 to leverage unique blockchain features such as NFT integration and Play to EARN options using the FEAR coin.

MAD VR also plan to develop with Fear, a completely unique Play to Earn game meaning there will be two 3D horror games coming to Fear holders and our ecosystem.

This partnership is our first major partnership outside of the founders “Whack It” brand of games. But crucially is one of many lined up and represents the first step in what is an evolution from a gaming crypto coin into a fully-fledged blockchain ECO System that many game studios will utilise for Play to Earn and NFT integration.

As gamer you will experience a horrific and haunting experience in a Thai hospital, explore the rooms through the 3 main characters in the game (Marisa, Rama, and Boon), and piece together the mysterious circumstances to solve the murder mystery of a young woman named “Araya”.

The survival-based outfit will drive PLAY to EARN and NFTs through in-game features creating mass adoption to the blockchain gaming community.

In collaboration with Fear, we will be releasing Araya 2 and a prequel which will strictly focus on PLAY to EARN.

The game studio has millions of gamers and is known well in the horror space.

For more information please reach out to us:

Twitter: twitter.com/fearnfts
Telegram Chat: t.me/fearcoin
Website: www.fearnft.games