Fear and NFTrade launch Gaming NFT Farm

Play-to-Earn and NFT-focused games are one of the highlights of the blockchain and crypto industries lately, showing a growing user base of gamers and collectors how they can monetize their hobbies and passions. FEAR, a major Play-to-Earn developer in the NFT space, is preparing to release a catalog of games, and at NFTrade, we have synthesized ways to bring even more value to NFT project developers and owners. Through a collaboration with FEAR, we are pleased to offer a FEAR NFT Farm, allowing $FEAR token holders to earn unique, collectible, and usable gaming NFTs by staking the native token of the FEAR network.

Earnable NFTs

FEAR token holders will have a lot of options when it comes to play-to-earn gaming, with FEAR setting the stage as they make NFTs for their first gaming release available to users. In what will be the beginning of multiple earnable NFT campaigns, FEAR has made four distinct NFT variations available, with a large enough quantity for thousands of users to get involved. The most readily available earnable NFT will be a voucher that gives users play-to-earn capabilities in FEAR’s flagship NFT game, Whack Your Undead Neighbour 2. There will be 2,000 of these NFT tickets available, the highest quantity of all available NFTs, but they are also the least expensive, so make sure you get yours fast!

The other three earnable NFTs from this first batch will all unlock a special in-game kill method, one that will only be available to holders who own these NFTs. The three NFTs, Undead Bacon, BBKill, and Octopussy, will only have 20 pieces ever available, with no other gamers having the opportunity to utilize these unique kill methods. While the NFT ticket voucher will only cost 750 nFEAR to earn, a synthetic and non-transferable token that users earn by staking FEAR, the special kill NFTs will run for a price of 70,000 nFEAR.

Each user will earn 5 nFEAR for every 1 FEAR token staked every 24 hours, meaning it will take a user with 1,000 FEAR 14 days to earn one of the special in-game kill method NFTs. Each NFT also has a redemption price that the user will have to pay in FEAR tokens in order to claim their NFT. The ticket NFTs will require a 10 FEAR redemption fee, while the in-game kill method NFTs will require a 50 FEAR fee. The entirety of these fees will go to an ecosystem treasury wallet meant to further feed into future FEAR rewards, making the play-to-earn model more sustainable. The FEAR team will publish the wallet address shortly to introduce even greater transparency.

Multiple NFTs and Multiple Points of Access

In what is a first for NFTrade, we will be hosting the FEAR NFT Farm on the FEAR website and natively. Regardless of which platform you use, you will have the same access to all available NFTs, with the ability to use, sell, or swap them after they are earned and claimed. One of the unique features offered on NFTrade is p2p NFT swapping, meaning you can easily trade your newly minted NFT for any other NFT available, making it easier than ever to monetize and exchange.

As the first step in FEAR NFT earning, we are ready to showcase their awesome earnable NFTs, and look forward to continuing to collaborate in the future with more NFT farms and features.

Access the farm on FEAR’s website here: https://www.fearnft.games/farm/
Access the farm on NFTrade here: https://app.nftrade.com/farms/fear

About NFTrade

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