Into the HorrorVerse with the Fear Museum

There’s been much talk of late about “Metaverses”, with even Facebook desperately scrambling to create their own and even renaming themselves to stay relevant. But Metaverses have existed for a long time now with many games being just that – open virtual worlds where players go to escape, build their own worlds and games – Minecraft and Roblox being the most obvious.

Concerning big tech companies like Facebook, there is more chance of Clucking Hell becoming a reality with the world needing to survive an undead chicken virus than a global centralized tech firm like Facebook creating a meta verse people really want to spend meaningful amounts of their time escaping reality.

Expect many Metaverses to pop up in blockchain over the next six months but what will really define those that will last is the premise, visuals, story telling and game mechanics.

The Fear Museum we are building will be our own distinct and nefarious take on a Metaverse known as “The HorrorVerse“.

Fear the Museum of Horrors!

The Fear Museum (launching tomorrow in Beta) is a HorrorVerse not everyone will enjoy playing in or should I say surviving in! We are building a truly dark and at times frightening world that can be unforgiving in more ways than one. Eventually you can perish and you will need to have your wits about you to survive.

Built for horror fans the Museum will provide a portal into uniquely crafted worlds where despicable creatures lurk in the shadows and fantasy tales usher in strange creatures, stories and challenges. Think “Tales from the Crypt” meets the “The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales” in terms of story set up.

The intriguing part about the Fear Museum is not only does it have it’s own story line that you will gradually need to unpick as you complete Play to Earn quests but it will feature individual stories based on different worlds you enter through the Museum doors.

That’s right! the Museum is a connective bridge to different dimensions and realities, some filled full of evil you wouldn’t possibly want to confront while others will test your puzzle solving skills and survival instincts in more stranger and bizarre worlds.

NFTs Emerge from the Darkest Corners

The Museum will be host to a diverse range of unique NFTs, many of which will play a pivotal role within the HorrorVerse and the Museum.

The unique utility of our NFTs and indeed our partners is just how cleverly these NFTs are embedded in the story lines and puzzles within the HorrorVerse. Every NFT has a real visual and underlying utility that comes to life in a highly original way rather than just being a “thing” that serves virtually the same purpose as every other NFT within a game or world.

Araya Room in the Museum

The Araya room which will be launching with the Museum will be where gamers can purchase the first NFT to be used in the Araya game when it is fully released for Play to Earn soon within the Fear ecosystem.

Not only will the NFT have utility in the Araya game, it will also have a use in the museum allowing you to more easily navigate around the corridors and grounds of the museum to overcome terrifying situations and help solve puzzles.

This is just a quick example of the power of the Fear Museum and the Fear brand concerning NFTs. We are passionate about delivering real value to our NFTs both through their entertainment unlocking capabilities and their wide ranging Play to Earn utility in multiple Fear games.

Epik Prime NFTs

Another fantastic and recent example of how the Fear Museum is opening up exciting opportunities for big brands to find utility in their IP is for instance our recently announced partnership with Epik Prime where we are working with them on bringing AAA game NFTs to the Fear Museum.

For the first time ever we are bringing one of Zenescope’s NFTs into a blockchain game where it will come to life in a puzzle hosted by the Museum. The scenario we are developing for the NFT horror character will provide an excellent case study for potential future NFT collaborations. The NFT is visually stunning and horror characters and art like this are even better represented in a Metaverse than just in a blockchain web gallery.

The HorrorVerse Welcomes Other Verses!

Fear will be looking to connect it’s HorrorVerse with other high end quality Metaverses on the blockchain through NFTs.

Not only are we creating our own range of original NFT creatures, weapons and artifacts that will exist in the Museum and its interconnected worlds but we will be looking to seamlessly merge with other metaverses and their NFTs that complement our vision for delivering a true AAA class gaming experience for Fear gamers.

By developing the right partnerships we can usher in passionate fan bases from other high end projects, virtual worlds and iconic film and gaming brands to bring new stories and quests to the Fear HorrorVerse that will allow players to earn NFTs and our token.

Likewise we will be sharing our own IP with partners we feel fit with the Fear Museum and HorrorVerse so Fear gamers can enjoy even greater utility for their NFTs in other worlds.

The Fear Wallet

This feature for the Fear Museum I am the most excited about, while the Beta launch will feature the in-built windows Fear wallet, a lot of the seamless functionality is still being worked on to allow an easy way for retail gamers to create a blockchain wallet automatically within our games, buy Fear with no fees using their credit card and have that Fear instantly deposited into their wallet.

It means on boarding new gamers who are not familiar with blockchain becomes incredibly easy and brings all the barriers down for entry to our ecosystem of games. Where as before the originality of our gamers alone would make none crypto gamers curious, they could have been put off with the long winded process of understanding how to create a blockchain wallet and add crypto to it from an exchange.

The blockchain side of our tech team which now consists of three full time senior developers (with over 60 years of coding experience combine) have been working incredibly hard to produce this solution which will be used in all our games going forward.

We will be posting more about the wallet nearer the time of total completion of the in-game Fear wallet.

The Scary Road Ahead

We will shortly be publishing a development road map for the Museum consisting of technical and creative goals that we are aiming towards.

We can’t wait to share with Fear gamers some of the plans for the worlds and characters we have in store!

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to join our Discord and chat with us about the Museum and the HorrorVerse!


Jonathan Carey

FEAR Co-Founder and CEO