The Crypt: Meet the Crypt’s Janitor

He may rather Angelic, but this minion is in charge of extracting the souls of humans!

Today we introduce one of the janitors of our upcoming idle management game “The Crypt”. The floaty little one eyed monster is one of the low level minions in charge of working in your Crypt and extracting the souls of your imprisoned humans.

In the Crypt the aim of the game is to process as many humans as possible using “Soul Extraction devices” which is a nicer way of saying “Torture devices”. Some of these devices will be rather crude and medieval while others more ironic and psychological.

The minion is there to supervise the humans, ensure they don’t escape and encourage the soul extraction process. These low level minions can only process so many human souls at any given time and crucially need your help in order to do so. Even when extracting souls while being offline, the player will need to log back in to actually claim those souls.

Eventually Fear gamers will need to upgrade their crypts not only with more powerful torture devices but also spending extracted souls to summon powerful Demons that can then automatically extract souls from humans without the players intervention!

The minion is the creature from which the narrative of the Crypt is also told through the eyes of.

We will be going further the character roster, the internal economy of the game and the entire upgrade process of the Crypt nearer to it’s Beta launch so keep your eyes peeled! (not literally)