Whack Your Undead Neighbour: Play to Earn Rules

P2E launches on the 3rd of August where tickets will be available to farm on our website and the tickets will be enabled in the game on the 10th of August. The reason for the gap between ticket farming and the enablement of tickets in the game is threefold…

  • We want to allow the community time to work through the process of farming tickets
  • Tickets farmed do not have to be used by the farmer but can be sold on Opensea into a secondary market
  • It offers our marketing team a good period to get the word out on the farm and when the P2E launches


  1. P2E will initially be limited to a max of 2000 tickets to farm and when the limit is reached, we will further add additional tickets into the farm. This gives our team time to assess the win/loss ratio and further adjust the farm dynamics if needed.
  2. A maximum of 2 tickets per wallet can be farmed.
  3. To farm a ticket, the user can stake an unlimited amount of FEAR, based on 1 FEAR the user Is rewarded 5 “NFear” per day. Once the user reaches 750 “NFear” the user can use their nFEAR + 10 $FEAR fee to acquire a ticket
  4. Any staked FEAR in the farm will be locked for two days. This is to give a fair chance to the community by not letting a single user stake a large amount of $FEAR and wallet switching and acquiring all the tickets before other users have time to farm the tickets.
  5. As an example of Point 4 & 5. If the user stakes 50 FEAR it will take three days to farm 750 NFear. They can then take that NFear along with paying a 10 $FEAR fee and can acquire a ticket. WHEN STAKING YOUR FEAR please leave 10 $FEAR spare for the fee.
  6. The 10 FEAR fee is not for the team but will go into a dedicated ecosystem treasury wallet that will further be used as rewards for the users. This wallet will be published nearer the time for transparency.
  7. The farm, staking of tickets and rewards for Play to Earn will take place on the Polygon version of our Token in order to keep gas fees minimal and affordable to allow earnings to be as profitable as possible. This is very important as we are not aiming our P2E model at large crypto investors or whales but at as many users as possible who cannot afford large amounts of $FEAR.
  8. Due to all farming and staking running on Polygon please have a minimum MATIC in your wallet to run transactions. Running a transaction on Polygon costs 0.00008665 USD, so having a few MATIC in your wallet means you are set for weeks to come!
  9. Once the user receives a ticket from the farm, they will be able to head over to the Game on the 10th of August and stake and lock the ticket forever into our gaming contract.
  10. The ticket gives the user opportunities to perform two in game skills and reflex challenges that will take place randomly throughout the 10 existing kills that the user must perform. Yes, you will need to perform our lovely, animated kills all over again 😀 while looking out for two opportunities for the skill challenges. If you fail either skill challenge you will need to restart the game and try again.
  11. If the user is successful in both skill challenges, they will be able to visit a rewards page where they can connect the same wallet used to lock in the ticket and they can claim 50 $FEAR. Again, this will be on the polygon network.
  12. If the user fails, they need to go back to the farm to get another ticket.

Add Polygon Network to your Metamask wallet

  1. Go to https://chainlist.org
  2. Search Network – add MATIC (Polygon) mainnet
  3.  Connect Wallet
  4. Add to Metamask – Aprove & switch network

You can switch the network by accessing network name on the top of your Metamask wallet:


A Video tutorial from FEAR team will be announced before we go live with P2E in the game

It’s important to note this is a pilot of play to earn in our showcase game. Based on NFT ticket demand and the win/reward ratio more tickets can be made available.

Plans are in works for a more advanced sustainable in game economy that will be introduced in our premium games Araya, Mad Cock and Whack the Demon