FEAR Token: Utility

The FEAR Token will act as the main in-game currency for all FEAR games being developed and the ecosystem overall. As we roll out the development of the FEAR "Horror Hub", all gamers and content users will need to purchase FEAR in order to buy our digital products including games, in-game items (NFTs), animations and in the future movies as well.

On Boarding Mass Users Outside of Crypto

Many projects in the space including our own are working on how to bridge the gap between the mainstream entertainment users and crypto users. While product quality is paramount so too is the ability to offer retail users an easy way of obtaining our token (and NFTs) and using it to buy digital goods without needing any underlying crypto knowledge.

Our answer to such a problem, is the FEAR "Horror Hub" which will allow you to:

  • Log into the Horror Hub to play games and watch digital content using your existing social media account
  • Generate a blockchain wallet with no knowledge needed
  • Buy FEAR with your credit card which will be instantly deposited into their wallet
  • Engage with your FEAR tokens with no crypto knowledge needed
  • Buy items such as games and NFTs with one click purchase

With this sort of ease of use, the FEAR token will garner millions of organic users who will interact with and utilise the FEAR token in many different ways.

With everything we offer being sold in FEAR, there will be a great deal of natural buy pressure on the token.

Staking Benefits

  • Stake FEAR to gain early access to games and pre-sales
  • Stake FEAR and get a chance to be rewarded for your gaming efforts
  • Stake FEAR to gain a discount on digital goods
  • Stake FEAR for farming unique and rare in-game items (NFTs)
  • Stake FEAR on Polygon at a great APY
  • LP Farming - Add FEAR/USDT liquidity to Uniswap, collect your Uniswap LP tokens and stake them for a high APY in our Tokens farm
  • Kucoin Staking - Live staking on Kucoin. Stake FEAR for 35% APR. Campaign started on 29/07/21 and runs for 60 days.

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