Fear Vesting

Extract Your Fear Tokens Here

When claiming your tokens consider staking them here for an excellent APY.

Your remaining FEAR Tokens are paid out on a block by block basis via the Polygon Network spanning a 15 month period due to finish approx 25th November 2022

  1. 1. Claiming FEAR should be done via MetaMask or Wallet Connect. For Desktop browsers head on over to Metamask to install the extension.
  2. 2. Meta mask extension on the desktop and Wallet Connect with Metamask on the mobile should both work
  3. 3. If your Ethereum address is linked to a Wallet Client other than MetaMask or one not compatible with Wallet Connect you will need to import your Wallet into a compatible Wallet client.
  4. 4. If you don't have the Polygon network added to your Wallet Client the Connect Button will do it for you on the desktop! For mobile please follow this guide.
  5. 5. In order to Claim tokens on the Polygon Mainnet you need to have Matic in your wallet. The Quickest way to get Matic in your Wallet is by buying it on a large exchange and withdrawing it to your Wallet address over the POLYGON/MATIC network (do not withdraw over the Ethereum network). You only need a small amount of MATIC to run multiple claims (1 will do!)
  6. 6. Click the Claim button. The transaction should take a few seconds after which the Polygon version of FEAR will now be in your Wallet.
  7. 7. To sell your FEAR head on over to Quickswap and swap it out for USDC
  8. 8. If you wish to Migrate your FEAR to the Ethereum network head on over to the official Polygon Bridge and switch the Networks around ensuring Polygon is selected as the From network and Ethereum as the To network.
Available to Claim
Claimed to Date

Claim ALL your FEAR now!

At any point in the vesting schedule you can claim 40% of your remaining amount of FEAR whilst burning the remaining 60%

e.g. You have 100k Fear remaining to claim, you contact the FEAR team via our Claim Telegram Group, You will receive 40k of fear in a one off transaction and 60K will be burnt

If you are interested in this option please join the FEAR Telegram group using the wallet assigned to your allocation.

How do we know you are who you say you are? We have dropped into your wallet a lovely Private/Seed/SHO NFT without you knowing it. Keep this NFT in your wallet and you'll be able to join our Telegram group!


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