Watch to Earn Fear Tokens

With FEAR you can soon watch and earn tokens and NFTs by enjoying our interactive animations and upcoming video content.

Horror Entertainment for the Massess!

At FEAR we are focused on producing a wide variety of interactive and idle entertainment. This will start with our close partners Whack It Studios who still come under the FEAR umbrella. Whack It make crazy interactive animations and stories (already enjoyed by over 300 million Youtubers). You simply point, click and watch killing scenes play in the craziest of ways. So crazy even the likes of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye can't resist watching and squirming!

Whack It are producing two point and click NFT horror games for you to enjoy and have a chance of earning FEAR tokens from. These are Whack Your Undead Neighbour and Whack the Demon.


Earning won't be indefinate, instead it will be supported by many revenue streams including NFT purchases, video ads, microtransactions for mobile games and brand placement in the animations.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour

whack your undead neighbour animation

A virus outbreak sees your friendly neighbour turn into a foul undead creature and it's up to the Whack It family to stop it from claiming them as it's next victim. Find all the typical and not so typical ways in the garden to dispatch of the nasty creature.

Whack the Demon

whack the demon animation

An ancient demonic force is awoken coincidentally while the Whack It family is on holiday in a cabin in the woods (very cliche). This will be the family's toughest test so far vs a powerful evil opponent way beyond the strength of any mortal foe they have faced before. Interact with different environments, find all the objects useful to kill demons (by whatever means necessary!) and enjoy the journey of everyone's favourite bloody family.

Watch how they slice and dice their way through all sorts of forms the demon takes all the while having the chance to watch and earn FEAR tokens, before the family are finally able to take down it's last form sending the demon back to hell!

More FEAR Games

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Whack the Demon

Play and watch 2D animated horror comic.

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